Family Housing Fund

About Us

It is the Family Housing Fund's vision that every family will have a home they can afford and a place from which they can prosper and contribute to the larger community. Started in 1980 by the Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul and The McKnight Foundation, the Family Housing Fund helps the affordable housing network adapt to the needs of families in complex and constantly changing conditions by drawing on networks, testing promising ideas, leveraging capital, consolidating and interpreting data, convening stakeholders, and recommending adaptive policy, processes and practice. The FHFund's work covers the seven-county Twin Cities Region through four program areas: (1) Homeownership -- FHFund supports the continuum of homeownership for both lower and moderate income homebuyers and homeowners, including coordinated efforts with government partners to improve the quality of life. (2) Rental Housing -- FHFund helps preserve and produce affordable housing opportunities for lower income and working renters and aligns with partner efforts to serve lower income families. (3) Ending Homelessness & Supportive Housing -- FHFund joins with its partners to support the establishment of system funding to end homelessness and provide supportive housing services that assist families and children. (4) Public Will -- FHFund works with its partners to expand public understanding of the value of affordable housing and public will to preserve and produce affordable housing in the context of a comprehensive regional development approach that serves all citizens and communities.

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Ellen K. Sahli, President

801 Nicollet Mall, Suite 1825
Minneapolis,  Minnesota   55402
Phone: (612)375-9644

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