Reinvestment Fund

About Us

Reinvestment Fund is a national leader in rebuilding America’s distressed towns and cities, through the innovative use of capital and information. A nonprofit and a Community Development Financial Institution, Reinvestment Fund manages $875 million in capital and has made $1.7 billion in 3,065 community investments since its inception in 1985. Reinvestment Fund works closely with a diverse network of investors and business partners to galvanize private initiative and capital for the public good. Together, we invest in homes, education, healthcare, healthy food access and a sustainable energy future – paving the way for stronger, more vibrant communities and regions full of opportunity and growth. Reinvestment Fund also provides public policy expertise by helping clients create actionable solutions and by sharing data and analysis via

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Donald Hinkle-Brown, President and CEO

1700 Market Street, 19th Floor
Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania   19103
Phone: (215) 574-5800

Housing Development and Rehabilitation

  • Single Family For-Sale Development
  • Single Family Rental Development
  • Multi-Family Rental Development

    Property Management and Resident Programs

    • Property Management
    • Resident Services

    Debt and Equity Investing

    • Commercial and/or Development Lending