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About Us

Hispanic Housing Development Corporation (HHDC), a pre-eminent not-for-profit community development corporation in Chicago, was established in 1976. Our mission is to stabilize Latino communities by developing, managing and investing in ventures that increase the availability of affordable housing, promote economic opportunity, and enhance the quality of life for community residents. In our 40 years, we have grown to encompass development, construction, and management for rental, for-sale, and commercial development. To date, Hispanic Housing has developed more than 4,100 multi-family units including 298 single-family and condominium homes and 5 commercial properties comprising 82,300 square feet at a cost exceeding $425,000,000. Our Property Management Division provides hands-on management, maintenance and supervision for family and elderly housing throughout Chicago and neighboring states. This portfolio includes 41 residential communities including more than 3,700 units, plus third-party management, and 5 commercial properties totaling 47,000 square feet. Our general contracting subsidiary, Tropic Construction Corporation, was created in 1993 to gain greater control over the construction process and provide opportunities for Latino contractors as well as training and employment opportunities for community residents. To date, Tropic has completed 46 residential developments totaling 2,628 units and 11 commercial developments, totaling 127,000 square feet, at a total cost of $155,000,000.

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Paul Roldan, President and CEO

325 N. Wells, 8th Floor
Chicago,  Illinois   60654

Phone: (312)602-6500

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