Community Ventures

About Us

Community Ventures helps people own homes and start businesses because we believe in people’s dreams. From affordable financing to education, to neighborhood revitalization, our areas of focus offer the opportunity to dramatically improve the quality of life for people across Kentucky. Founded in 1982, Community Ventures has evolved in capacity and knowledge, but our mission has stayed the same—to strengthen our communities by empowering individuals. We are focused on the areas of greatest need, where we can make the most impact. This is why we offer a range of products and services from financial counseling to large scale neighborhood revitalization. Vibrant communities start with people, so Community Ventures gives our clients knowledge and skills they can use for the rest of their lives, and even pass down to later generations.

Contact Us

Kevin R. Smith, President and CEO

1450 North Broadway
Lexington,  Kentucky   40505
Phone: (859)231-0054

Community Programs

  • Shelters, Vouchers, Home Repair, and/or Weatherization
  • Housing and/or Financial Counseling

Housing Development and Rehabilitation

  • Single Family For-Sale Development
  • Multi-Family Rental Development

    Debt and Equity Investing

    • Commercial and/or Development Lending
    • Consumer Mortgage Lending