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Capital Impact Partners is a leader in financial and social innovation for communities. A nonprofit organization and certified Community Development Financial Institution, we bring our roots in cooperative development and a diverse network of partners and problem solving know-how to connect communities to capital and capabilities that together create social change. As a national organization we work across sectors increasing access to affordable housing, health care, education and fresh, healthy food. Our Detroit Program is working to bring inclusive mixed income housing development to the city to increase opportunity and economic vitality. Capital Impact Partners has deployed over $2.3 billion in loans, investments and assistance including: $802 million in financing to create 516+health centers caring for more than 2 million patients; $168 million in healthy food financing and grants to provide over 1 million people with fresh food access in 86 locations; $738 million for education facilities creating 238,000 more school seats; $295 million for affordable housing creating 36,702 units of multifamily homeownership or other affordable housing in 239 communities across the country; 45 million supporting aging options benefitting 37,191 elders ( aged 50+) in 191 communities; $298 million invested into cooperative businesses; $176 million invested in the city of Detroit. Since inception, Capital Impact Partners has created 34,212 jobs

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Ellis Carr, President & CEO

2011 Crystal City Drive, Suite 700
Arlington,  Virginia   22202
Phone: (703) 647-2300

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